I am a graduate of The University of Virginia. I double majored in Studio Art and Art History. The four years I spent in Charlottesville under the critique of the professors of the UVa Studio Art Department shaped my  views of what it means to create.


I am very involved in the arts community at UVa, as I have been a member of the UVa Arts Council since 2011. During my 4th year at the University of Virginia, the studio art majors were visited by a number of professional artists and many of them directly influenced my final art show. After graduating, I founded for the Fleming Painters-in-Residence Program, to ensure the students graduating after me were able to benefit from the insights of an artist like I did. A few artists who have participated in the program are George Nick, Stephen Westfall, Julie Heffernan, Samira Abbassy and Margaret McCann. Professor Megan Marlatt at UVa has orchestrated the program and made the Program a great success. I count Professor Marlatt among my greatest mentors.